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การเจรจาธุรกิจ (Online Business Matchmaking) ระหว่างผู้ประกอบการไทยและจีนจากมณฑลซานตง


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Shandong Matchmaking Company Name
No. City Unit Intension
1 Jinan Renzhu Fruit and Vegetable Production Cooperative Exporting agricultural products: ginger, garlic, strawberry and so on 
2 Shandong Wanxing Food Co., Ltd. Exporting dehydrated vegetables, spices,dehydrated garlic, onion, ginger, carrot, green and red pepper, sweet pepper, pepper, etc
3 Jinan Kangze Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Exporting black garlic
4 Qingdao Qingdao Yongfangyuan Food Co., Ltd. Exporting pickle,frozen vegetables and fruits,chilli products
5 QingdaoTungray Trade Co., Ltd. Importing Thai Fruit
6 Qingdao Deshunfa Food Co., Ltd. Exporting frozen fruits and vegetables
7 Zibo Shandong Lingdian E-commerce Service Co., Ltd. Importing:FMCG (supermarket food), tropical fruits, exports: apples
8 Yantai Yantai Hongao Import &Export Co., Ltd. Importing :melt blown fabric
Exporting portable instrument for mineral content detection
9 Yantai Tianlu Food Co., Ltd. Exporting  freeze-dried fruit products, freeze-dried strawberry chocolate, freeze-dried instant soup
10 Yantai Sanjia Vermicelli Co., Ltd. Exporting vermicelli and starch products
11 Weihai Rongcheng Lianhai Fishery Co.,ltd. Exporting Argentine squid and Japanese sea ,squid are raw squid
12 Weihai City Riend Foods Co., Ltd. Exporting: 1. Mackerel mackerel used for making canned food
2. Tuna fish 3. Want to connect with Thai fishmeal processing plants 
13 Rizhao Rizhao Matey International Trade Co., Ltd. Importing food,daily Necessities
14 Rizhao Jinguo Grain and Oil Co., Ltd. Exporting peanut kernel, white melon seed, sunflower seed, fried peanut, peanut butter, shrimp
15 Liaocheng Shan Dong Dong E East E Jiao Co., Ltd. Exporting E-jiao series products, tonic and health care products, local e-commerce, drugstores and tonic agents in Southeast Asian countries
16 Donge Shengliyuan Ejiao Co., Ltd. Exporting E-jiao series products, raw material of E-jiao
17 Linyi Shandong Juston Cereals &Oil Industrial Co., Ltd. Exporting peanuts, melon seeds and beans
18 Weifang Shandong Wheat Sun Food Co., Ltd.  Exporting noodles, instant noodles, dumplings, steamed dumplings, spring rolls, spring rolls skin, fresh noodles
19 Anqiu Xingrong Food Co., Ltd. Exporting pickled vegetables
20 Dezhou Shandong New Feida Food Co., Ltd. Exporting dry pepper, spices, seasoning, pickled pepper, dehydrated vegetables, etc
21 Shandong Pangda Condiment&Food Co., Ltd. Exporting all kinds of packaging condiments and herbs
Shandong Matchmaking Company Name
No. City Company Intension
22 Jinan Healtang Biotech Co.,Ltd. 1. D-xylose/L-arabinose/xylitol/ Degradable disposable table
2. Face Mask/Protective Suit
23 Qingdao Qingdao Huakai Ocean Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. Rope for height work safety, Marine ropes
24 Qingdao HBIS New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Steel coil and sheet for home appliances:
Galvanized steel coil and sheet
Precoated steel coil and sheet
25 Zibo Shandong Injoy Houseware Co., Ltd.  Glassware-glass bottle/container, glass plate/bowl.Hemp/wire basket.
26 Zaozhuang Shandong Wanjia Food Co., Ltd. Food-Monosodium glutamate, Chicken essence, Chicken Powder, Mushroom essence and seasoning powder
27 Taian TAI'AN City Pingde Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Smoke Chips,
 Apple Wood Fire Wood
28 Rizhao Shandong Hongda Biotechnology Co., Ltd.  Tapioca Chips Dried
29 Rizhao Kunda Import and Export Co., Ltd. 
30 Shandong Soaring Blue Whale Marine Technology Co., Ltd Machinery products: Conveyor Roller,spare parts,polymer plate, customized parts,polymer pipe
Marine products: Buoyancy material, deep sea pressure hull
Medical equipment: Carbon fiber CT bed board, carbon fiber external fixation,carbon fiber ankle foot orthoses, carbon fiver wheelchair, carbon fiber surgical perspective frame
31 Linyi Linyi Zhongping Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd.  Medical Products–Medical protective mask; KN95 mask; Disposable medical surgical mask; Disposable medical mask; Disposable protective mask; Medical protective clothing; Disposable pvc gloves; Goggles; Forehead thermometer; Washing-free disinfection gel; High flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy device.
32 Linyi Borui Power Machinery Co., Ltd.  2 stroke gasoline engine, model1E40F-6; TB43;1E40F-5; 1E34F; 1E36F-2;G45L
4 stroke gasoline engine, model:GX35; 140FA; GX50
Brush cutter:CG411, TB330,TB430,CG435,443R
Mist duster:3WF-3, 3WF-3A
16L,18L,20L battery sprayer   
33 ASIA  D-Style Houseware Co., Ltd. Bucket, Fabrics bag
34 Dezhou Dezhou Liyuan International Co., Ltd. Mask- Disposable protective mask, KN95 protective mask, medical surgical mask, Face shield
35 Yucheng Hengshing Machinery Co.,Ltd Agriculture machinery–disc plough
36 Yucheng Yili Machinery Co., Ltd Agricultural machinery – disc plough   disc harrow   rotary tiller    mower     seeder
Agricultural accessories – disc  blade
37 Yucheng Hongri Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. Disc harrow , disc plow , farm trailer,harrow disc , plow disc , break shovel , rotavator ,boom sprayer, furrow plow , cultivator ,ridger, ditching machine,scraper , fertilizer spreader ,whear seeder, corn seeder, potato planter, potato harvester, peanut harverter etc.
38 Shandong Yuwang Hetianxia New Materials Co., Ltd. Nail glue, eyelashes glue
39 Shandong Dongrui Biotechnology Co., Ltd Medical devices: skin expander
40 Shandong Yudi Medical Technology Co., Ltd Medical instruments: medical cooling paste, medical cold compress paste and medical cold compress gel.



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